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    Parts of these papers were presented in the11th Conference of the European Family Therapy Association, Systemic Resonances and Interferences, in Ljubljana 7-10/9/2022

    KAT Attica general hospital is a medical-centred hospital that mainly treats patients with physical injuries after acute accidents, which usually result in disabilities or even death. For the past four years, systemic-oriented psychologists, supervised by a systemic psychotherapist, tried to address the therapeutic needs of medical patients and their families within the context of the biopsychosocial model. Inspired by Medical Family Therapy (MedFT), they structured interventions that would facilitate collaboration with physicians, and help patients and families deal with the traumatic injury by making all necessary adjustments, so that they may cope with the new conditions in their life following the accident. A basic concern underlying these interventions was to create a more humane hospital for staff, patients and their families, a safe place of care that could promote agency and connection in a critical time of their life. The following articles discuss the case of the intensive care unit, the impact of injury on family dynamics, the case of a patient with physical injury and loss, and also thoughts and reflections on supervising psychologists working in a hospital setting.

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    ARTICLE 14/ ISSUE 23, October 2023

    Applying systemic theory and practice in a hospital setting: The Intensive Care Unit case

    Kyriaki Vagena, Psychologist, Psychotherapist
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