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On the website of the company "Hellenic Systemic Thinking and Family Therapy Association" (HE.S.T.A.F.T.A), which is based in ATHENS, PAPADIAMANTOPOULOU 3 P.O. 11528 and legally represented by MNIKOLAOS MARKETOS (BoD Chairman), https://hestafta.org operates "Cookies" type software. "Cookies" are small pieces of information (files) in the form of plain text, which are stored on users' computers (or on other devices with internet access, such as a mobile phone - "smartphone" or "tablet"), when they visit any page on the internet.

"Cookies" help to collect information necessary to measure the effectiveness of a website, to improve and upgrade its content, to adapt it to the demand and needs of users as well as to measure the effectiveness of the way the website is presented and displayed on third-party websites. The "Cookies" type files used on the hestafta.org website do not allow the collection of information that identifies users nor access to any document or file kept on their computers.

The information collected by "Cookies" may include the type of browser used by a user, the operating system of his computer, the use of links to and from the respective website and other "technical" information.

Categories of "Cookies"

Necessary (Functional)

"Necessary Cookies" help the proper functioning of a website by facilitating basic functions, such as user navigation and their access to secure areas. A website cannot function properly without these "cookies".

Preference (Functional)

Preference Cookies allow the website to "remember" information, based on which the way it operates or is presented changes of information to match the preferences of each user (e.g. preferred language).


"Statistical Cookies" help to make it clear how visitors interact with the pages by collecting information anonymously .

Commercial Promotion

"Commercial Promotion Cookies" are used to record the activity of visitors to a website, in order to display advertisements that are relevant and attractive to them.

The "Cookies" of this website

On the website hestafta.org the following "cookies" have been installed and are working:

Necessary (Functional)

CONSENTgoogle.comCollects anonymous data for Google Analytics.20 years
1P_JARgoogle.comCollects anonymous data for Google Analytics.1 month
APISIDgoogle.comImproves the user experience when there is Google Maps on the website.2 years
NIDgoogle.comImproves the user experience when there is Google Maps on the website.6 months
storefront.Identityhestafta.orgStores the retention of users' connection to the website.15 days

Preference (Operations)

CookieConsenthestafta.orgStores the user's preferences regarding consent to the use of cookies.1 year


_gahestafta.orgCollects traffic statistics through Google Analytics.2 years
_gidhestafta.orgCollects traffic statistics through Google Analytics.1 day
_ga_hestafta.orgCollects traffic statistics through Google Analytics.2 years
_gac_gb_hestafta.orgCollects traffic statistics through Google Analytics.90 days

Commercial Promotion

No Commercial Promotion cookies are used.

How to Manage and Delete "Cookies"

Most browsers provide options regarding with the way of managing "Cookies". Users have, through their browser, the possibility to allow the installation of "Cookies", to deactivate / delete existing "Cookies" or to be notified every time they visit websites where "Cookies" operate. Instructions for managing and deleting "Cookies" are usually found within the "Help", "Tools" or "Edit" menus of the respective browser.

Users should note that, in if they reject or disable the "Cookies" of this website, the functionality of its websites may be limited. Also, it must be made clear to users that by deactivating a "Cookie" or a category of "Cookies", the corresponding file is not deleted from their browser. Such an action must be performed by the user himself, who is required to modify the internal functions of the browser he uses.

How will you be informed of any modifications to this Cookies Notice?

We will update this Labeling Cookies whenever this is deemed necessary. If there are significant changes to our Cookie Notice or to the way we integrate Cookie functionality into our website, we will post about it in a prominent place on our website. We encourage you to regularly read this Cookie Notice in order to stay up-to-date.

If you wish to contact us about any issue related to this Cookies Notice, you can call 210 220 1665 or email hestafta@gmail.com.


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