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  • Nikos MarketosPsychiatrist – Systemic Psychotherapist

On Sunday morning, March 18, 2024, Nikos Paritsis passed away.

Nikos Paritsis has contributed his services to the field of mental health in various positions, both in the National Health System and at the university, but also as Director of the "Institute of Child Health" and as a member of the Central Health Council. He was one of the country's first systemic therapists, and he organized family and systemic therapy services in the public sector.

He has made significant contributions to establishing the Systemic Family approach in Greece. He was a founding member of the Hellenic Systemic Thinking and Family Therapy Association (HE.S.T.A.F.T.A) and a founding member of EFTA, as well as a board member of several international organizations for systemic therapy. He also was a prolific author.

I met Nikos in 1987 when he was managing an ambitious project titled "De-institutionalization through Family Therapy," on which he had invited Valeria Pomini to collaborate. It was my first experience with the systems approach.

Paritsis was a visionary and charismatic psychotherapist and teacher dedicated to his science and systems psychotherapy. Up until the end of his life, he remained involved in systemic psychotherapy, full of youthful enthusiasm and inventive ideas for exploring the possibilities of psychotherapy in new fields. He leaves behind an important legacy.

We express our sincere condolences to his family.

Nikos Marketos

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