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  • Katia CharalabakiPsychiatrist – Systemic Psychotherapist

This issue of our journal hosts a tribute to the “50 year anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising”. A reader might question (as indeed we did, as authors and members of the editorial board) whether such a subject is fitting for a publication focusing on psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy, as this one. Ultimately, we concluded that historical and political events are comprised of sociopolitical happenings, but also of profound human components, inner aspects of individuals and groups, and human relationships. Moreover, we, as systemic therapists, approach precisely this aspect of human existence, the relational. Thus, we concluded that a reference to “the Polytechnic uprising of the 17th of November 1973” may contain elements that pertain to issues that concern us. Let us not forget that Gregory Bateson has studied in depth the political and historical events of the past, and especially of the 20th century. A characteristic example of this is the paper “From Versailles to Cybernetics”, in which he refers to the global agreement that took place following World War I in Versailles, and makes an in depth historical, political and psychological analysis of the events. Thus, we too requested (and received) papers from authors who participated in the Polytechnic uprising, urging them to stay on the experiential aspect of the events, and to focus on their personal and interpersonal experiences. It is our belief that this was achieved.

Regarding the details of the authors, we will not discuss them in greater detail (save for their professions), with only a few exceptions. Pepi Rigopoulou, for instance, was standing at the main gate of the Polytechnic when the tank came crashing in, breaking both her legs (that required a lengthy period of rehabilitation). And Dimitris Papachristos was one of the main announcers on the Polytechnic radio station.

Finally, we note that the sequence of the texts was determined by the alphabetical order of the writers' surnames and not by the Editorial Board's choice.

Enjoy reading!

Katia Charalabaki

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