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  • Dimitris KokkalisChild Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist


Cheap social relating.

The attack of the screen.

The sour taste of the unfullfiling.

You seek it again and again

A deceitful antidote to the only certainty….

When the shape of death is

a breath, a touch, a kiss and an embrace

an inward turn will not be a waste.

A turn to forgotten islands

and lonely coasts

that embrace the unexpected.

There where the light of the screen cannot intrude

and lust cannot be fooled.

On the screen it writes:

"You are part of death. An inward turn might be the remaining hope"


Yearning for Freedom

During routine’s intervals

my mind wanders

at mountain sides

and rivers’ banks.

It finds the shades of plane trees

and springs of clear fresh water.

It bends over and drinks

without satiation.

Nature has no satiation.

At the cracks of the present

my mind wanders

through rutty streets and rugged paths

worth passing for the travelers of the unknown,

hostages to the beauty that lies behind the next corner.

Nature hides and waits.

At the pause of duty

my mind devises journeys, crossings,

transient destinations.

Nature is full of waypoints.

Ephemeral offers

to the yearning for freedom.



17 years old.

He picks up the rock and approaches.

I back up against the wall.

Getting closer he takes off the mask.

A face of anger and despair. Beautiful!!

I take off the mask.

A face of fear and defeat. Ugly!!

He stops. Hesitates.

He drops the rock.

Deep breath.

He tears up.

I tear up:

"Thank you! I am 60.

Don’t you forgive me. Forget me.

Run to save yourself and the others"

For a moment it seemed possible.


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