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  • Katerina TheodorakiChild Psychiatrist – Systemic Psychotherapist


This issue includes three tributes to Mikis Theodorakis that recently passed away. Perchance, though, most of the papers in this issue are attuned to the elements of Greece that inspired him, from antiquity to today.

This issue is mostly inspired by Ancient Greek Thinking and its connection to systemic thinking and psychotherapy.

Through ancient Greek theatre and philosophy, the authors attempt to find connections to modern theories of the systemic approach, sometimes through reason and the specificity of Apollonian light, and other times through the ecstatic enthusiasm of Dionysus that one feels when he discovers connections from the depths of time to this land and the present time (intertemporal and contemporary). The lens sometimes focuses on the specific, attempting an analysis from a certain point of view, and sometimes widens the scope to capture a greater picture.

I slightly paraphrase a paragraph of N. Mourikis’ paper to note that: “If all these questions have a value for clinical practice, it is because they invite us to couple and bilaterally fertilize sciences with the arts, philosophy and metaphysics”.

Finally, there is the book review for “Group Psychotherapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology”, where the experience of group psychotherapy is coupled in an exciting manner with neurosciences, and the author concludes that human beings shape one another’s brains.

We suggest that you read the papers with both your Apollonian and the Dionysian sides…

On behalf of the Editing Committee,

Katerina Theodoraki

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