Being a Therapist: The Art of Remaining Humane – Reflections on the Experience of a Group-In-Dialogue

Therapists from different professional contexts have been meeting the last 2 ½ years, every 1 ½ month for 4 hours. The initial motive was the principles of Open Dialogue of J. Seikkula and the quest has been, and still remains, the incorporation of dialogic practices in the therapeutic process, the relationship between professionals and, in turn, between different professional contexts. Gradually, the group meetings have been expanding to include and interact with professionals from different professions.

Some reflections on becoming a therapist; What remains and what changes over the years

Our decision to become therapists is a commitment to our own psychic development and maturation, which has much in common with the psychic development of our clients. What aspects of our psychic growth are essential to the process of becoming a therapist?