Suicide in Greece of Crisis: A Theoretical Discussion

The present paper discusses the subject of suicide from a psychological, sociological, anthropological and existential viewpoint. According to the statistical data of the World Health Organization, approximately 800.000 people died of suicide in the year 2017, while the suicide number in Greece for the year 2013 is 533.

The multiple faces of crisis

At first there is an attempt to define crisis as well as its encounter with the individual. It is also attempted to connect crisis with the social evolution that preceded it and the development of cultural demands and conflicts. Western society’s crisis can be conceived on the basis of the collapse of the old value system and the prevalence of new tendencies such as extreme consumerism, avoidance of thinking, the denial of perishing, difference, lack. As a result we have loneliness, uncertainty, insecurity, lack of satisfaction, confusion of poles and identity.