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Institutions: When your bed is the only refuge

Space is a dimension that cannot be overlooked either by a family or by an institution. Both entities can obtain a place in reality only through normative architectural and spatial arrangements. These arrangements are not neutral or just referring to spatial configurations. They represent, for the members of the systems, spatial parts where emotional bonding and identity issues are put at risk.

Identity and loss in immigrant adolescents: Conflict, Re-engagement and Reconciliation

This presentation is focusing on immigrant adolescents’ behavior at school, which had as main symptom “learning difficulties” and school failure. The adolescents, 13-16 years old, in 2nd Cross-Culture High School of Elliniko, Attica, were referrals to the School Psychologist’s Office. The cause for the referral was “learning difficulties”. The purpose of the study was to help the children themselves, the teachers and, of course, the parents of these children to revaluate their beliefs and understanding of these adolescents’ school difficulties and help them find better ways to deal with it.