From couples to the family of origin: Mobile Genogram for Couples (Genogramma Mobile per Coppie GMC ©). An exploratory and therapeutic method

The authors describe a technique for use in couple therapy. The Mobile Genogram for Couples (GMC) started as an idea of a tool in addition to the clinical experience acquired in the field of treating couples by Maurizio Coletti, one of the authors of this article. The GMC © is inspired by the classic genogram and aims at a deep understanding of how families of origin influence the dynamics of the relationship of the couple.

Types of Domestic Violence and Family Systems Therapy: Initial Observations and Considerations

Α frequent feminist critique towards couple therapy is that placing a violent man and his victim in close quarters and inviting them to address contentious issues in their relationship has the potential to revictimize the woman physically and psychologically and to provide the offender with a platform for self-justification.