Letter from the Chairman of the Hellenic Federation of Systemic Societies and Family Therapy (ETHOS) Dimitris Karagiannis




Dear members of the «Systemic Thinking & Psychotherapy»

online journal editorial board

Athens 15/9/2020

On behalf of the Hellenic Federation of Systemic Societies and Family Therapy (ETHOS), I feel honoured to extend to you our warm gratitude forthe invaluable service of your journal’s articles to the field of Systemic Viewpoint.

The «Systemic Thinking & Psychotherapy» journal is valuable and important for its immense contribution to the field of Greek Systemic Psychotherapy, which, although, rapidly evolving in clinical practice, lacks the relevant theoretical infrastructure.

The «Systemic Thinking & Psychotherapy» journal that constitutes the means of expression of HE.S.T.A.F.T.A.  demonstrates its members’ mentality. Their choice for their clinical practice as therapists to not be confined to a selective system of private clients, as most of its members are working in the public sector health services. Through adversity, they offer the fruits of systemic psychotherapy through family therapy, couple’s therapy or even one-to-one systemic therapy, with tenacity and consistency.

In the same manner, the «Systemic Thinking & Psychotherapy» journal, as a theoretical tool of expressing Systemic Thinking, is not limited to the HE.S.T.A.F.T.A.members’ writing ability, but also seeks and illustrates all the trends in the Psychotherapeutic Community, so as to promote fertile dialogue and enrichment.

The «Systemic Thinking & Psychotherapy» journal is an invaluable theoretical tool for Greek Systemic Psychotherapy and not only. It deserves to stand out and to be supported by the ETHOS systemic family. We hope, that with our symbolic financial sponsorship, we contribute to this end.

With sincere appreciation

Dimitris Karagiannis

Psychiatrist – ETHOS Chairman