In memorιum: Luigi Onnis

Luigi Onnis passed away last Christmas night, at the age of 71. He left us as silently and discreetly as he was in life: discreet and decent. He was born and raised in Sardinia at the end of World War 2. The island of the Berlinguer family may have had an effect on his character: low-key but also decisive and dynamic.

Collective and Personal Identity in Destabilization Periods

The subject is fascinating and stimulates almost infinite reflections. Any approach will be necessarily limited and incomplete. My approach prefers to look on our common collective identity as human beings. It is divided into two parts. The first one could be called "what makes us be what we are?" and the second "what makes us be what we don’t want to be?”

Families in a Context of Economic and Social Destabilization: A Meta-Modern Greek Drama

The dialogue took place at the conference organized by the German systemic association Systemische Gesellschaft: "...Alles wirkliche Leben ist Begegnung..." (Martin Buber) SYSTEMISCH BEGEGNET WISSENSCHAFT at March 3-5/2016 in Dresden

Family Systems Psychiatry (SYMPA) – Training hospital teams to do Family Psychotherapy

My talk will be about a family systems approach in adult psychiatry, particular in hospital settings and also to some degree in community settings. And this is what I could speak about this morning, but I must not speak about it all. I would like to give you three brief introductions upon the history and current situation of psychiatry in Germany, and briefly about the actual situation of systemic therapy in Germany.

The “depends on” and the “and”: The therapist’s resources in the era of magical images

My decades-long contact with a great number of professionals in our field has offered me the possibility to observe the phenomena and the trends concerning the role we play in contemporary social reality.

Working with teenagers in inpatient hospitalization. A systemic look at nursing thought and practice

Systemic thinking has caused a revolution in clinical practice, through the paradigm shift (Kuhn, 2000) from the individual and internal medicine to relationships and broader social networks.

Book Presentation: “The Therapeutic Relationship”, Kastanioti editions

“The pattern that connects” is the phrase used by Gregory Bateson in order to declare his faith in the existence of a common -connecting- pattern concerning form (isomorphism) as well as function, amongst the living creatures (creatura).