Many inner authors: Practical comprehension of the “polyphonic self” in psychotherapy training.

In this paper we present an exercise used as part of psychotherapy training to increase practical comprehension of the notion of “polyphonic self”. Trainee therapists learn to identify various voices in autobiographical interviews, diaries and letters based on the methodology that William Stiles applies in analyzing therapy transcripts.

Systems-Centered Training with Couples: Building Marriages that Work

This paper is a brief introduction of the systems-centered perspective on couples therapy. It has also introduced the sequence of systems-centered interventions that are designed to build the system which enables the couple to meet their goals.

The therapeutic relationship and the unpredictable in the ecology of the family session

Therapists who are trained or devoted to serving scientific prediction have been forever anxious to perfect their theoretical and practical ability to achieve safer therapeutic outcomes. Yet there are moments in therapy when certain elements —such as emotional encounters, verbal or sensorial resonances, chance events imposed on the context— unexpectedly invade the process and divert the therapy from its initial prediction.

“Life… full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. Macbeth and Shakespeare: moral versus active nihilism

In the first part of this article I consider some existential themes in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I suggest that the play’s first scene constitutes a working assumption, which proves true as the tragedy progresses and as Macbeth falls from the pedestal of the incomparable hero into a moral and existential abyss.

Tennessee Williams’ the glass menagerie

The relationship with an other, who has meaning for as (an object), begins with our double, (the other subject, the other self). We find-create the objective world of objects starting from the subjective world. In the beginning the other is our twin, s/he is created on the model of ourselves.

Book presentation: Katerina Matsa Humiliation and Shame. Drug Addicted Women (in Greek), Athens Agra Editions

Even though I haven’t met Dr. Matsa in person, I feel as if we have known each other for long. When I was starting my specialization in Child Psychiatry, Dr. Matsa was already at the front line of sociopolitical struggle for the reformation of Mental Health in Greece. She was a protagonist in the field of Detoxification. She was an activist and a writer.

Book review: Virginia Ioannidou, Η τέχνη της συντροφικής ζωής, μια συστημική προσέγγιση [The Art of Being a Couple. A Systemic Approach] (in Greek), Athens; gnossi Editions

In his preface to the book of Virginia Ioannidou, Hans Jellouschek notes: “Virginia Ioannidou has written a book for the general public as well as for psychologists, therapists and counsellors who deal with couples and wish to provide some effective help.” A tall order, I would say, and one with a visible risk of the author wavering between simplifi­cation and an abstruse language.