ISSN 2241-6773

Editor: Katia Charalabaki
Publisher: Nikos Marketos
Editing Committee: Rozalia Giannaki, Kia Thanopoulou, Katerina Theodoraki, Athanasia Kati, Dimitris Kokkalis, Nikos Marketos, Valeria Pomini, Katia Charalabaki

The “consecutive crises” and their effects on the Greek family. Risk factors and resilience

The effects of the economic and health crisis in Greek society leave its biological and mental imprint of a re-traumatization and lead families to continuous destabilization

The Palo Alto Group: the context and the context of the group that discussed it – political, social and personal questions

the article refers to the Palo Alto group, and within the context of the group that spoke about the context, poses a series of political, social and personal question

The aftermath of abuse: mourning, meaning making and redefinition. The story of a teenage girl in residential care

The story of a teenage girl in a residential care structure, her psychotherapeutic journey, but also the path of the therapist as she accompanies her client on this journey