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Editor: Katia Charalabaki
Publisher: Nikos Marketos
Editing Committee: Rozalia Giannaki, Kia Thanopoulou, Katerina Theodoraki, Athanasia Kati, Dimitris Kokkalis, Nikos Marketos, Valeria Pomini, Theodora Skali, Katia Charalabaki

On the ten-year anniversary of the journal…

Kostas Batsalias discusses Jaakko Seikkula’s paper from issue 16, May 2020, titled “Psychosis Is Not an Illness, but a Survival Strategy in Severe Stress...

Choosing an article for the 10th anniversary of HE.S.T.A.F.T.A.’s journal

If I had to choose a single article that "spoke" directly to my individual, family and professional life it would be the “Families and therapists in the face of economic crisis. Challenges and opportunities”. The article was based on the presentation of Dr. Valeria Pomini...

On meaning, on uncertainty and on time in Therapy. “Εncounters” with a Journal

Could the uncertainty of the reality in which we are thrown and the absence of meaning be alleviated in the end if this uncertainty is understood “as a way of accepting the complexity of the world and our ignorance?”

The therapeutic alliance in group versus individual systemic-dialectical psychotherapy: A comparative study

The paper aims to contribute to the knowledge about the therapeutic alliance, firstly, by examining its development in group and individual systemic-dialectical psychotherapy, secondly, by addressing and answering questions regarding the factors that influence this type of alliance, and, finally, by determining possible differences arising in group and individual psychotherapy.