ISSN 2241-6773

Editor: Katia Charalabaki
Publisher: Nikos Marketos
Editing Committee: Rozalia Giannaki, Kia Thanopoulou, Katerina Theodoraki, Athanasia Kati, Dimitris Kokkalis, Nikos Marketos, Valeria Pomini, Theodora Skali, Katia Charalabaki

Changes, Trends and Developments in the Rationale of Help Seeking for Mental Health Issues in Greece

The present study aims to investigate how people’s stance towards seeking help from mental health professionals has evolved during the years of the financial crisis.

2500 Years Later… Ancient Greek Tragedy Study Group

In the present paper I will describe the activities of the HESTAFTA Ancient Greek Tragedy (or Literature) Study Group that has been meeting once a month for the past five years, in an attempt to highlight the therapeutic elements of ancient Greek tragedy, and on a secondary level to explain how the discussion about it among a group of therapist helps us in our role.

Women in the work of Euripides Misogynist or Progressive? A Systemic Reading

We will refer to three of his main heroines: Medea, Hecuba, and Andromache.

Therapeutic dialogue – From Socrates to Bateson and backwards

This article tends to conclude that the invocation of Socrates and the inspired utilization of Socrates’ and Bateson’s writings eventually bridges any individual theoretical reasonable difference, as I conclude that the hypothesis is the dialogue’s context.