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Editor: Katia Charalabaki
Publisher: Nikos Marketos
Editing Committee: Rozalia Giannaki, Kia Thanopoulou, Katerina Theodoraki, Athanasia Kati, Dimitris Kokkalis, Nikos Marketos, Valeria Pomini, Theodora Skali, Katia Charalabaki

Hommage to Mony Elkaim

Through these few lines I propose that we retrace our encounter, and how Mony’s commitment to both mental health policy and to his clinical practice will lead him to gradually share with us the wealth of his reflections and the importance of his concepts, like those of couples’ reciprocal double bind, assemblage, and resonance.

The Approach of Synergic Therapeutic Complexity with Involuntarily Dislocated people

This paper focuses on trauma in relation to the refugee realities. In order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the relevant experiences it is necessary to articulate an appropriate framework, introducing some new concepts.

Mapping Concepts of Bonding and Loss in the Age of Coronavirus – Covid-19

The prolonged presence of the pandemic in our country changed our everyday lives violently and abruptly, knocking down all certainty and putting our endurance to a test. The meaning of basic concepts of social bonding has changed.

Education in the time of postmodernity or the ephemeral

Modern people in the time of the fourth industrial revolution are called – according to the new economic, social and scientific developments of postmodernity – to shape the world in a complicated and multifarious political, social, economic and cultural reality.