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Publisher: Nikos Marketos
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Families and Therapists in the vortex of the Corona Virus Pandemic

We are in the middle of a storm, at least as far as Italy is concerned. Here in Greece it’s possibly only the beginning… I came back from my country four weeks ago. Until then the corona virus was a threat that was not very close to us

Double Binds, Systems, Institutions and… Farewells

This article introduces newer applications of the double bind in broader contexts, such as institutions. This is an approach put forward by a group of mainly French-speaking writers and was linked to the movement of constructivism in systemic family therapy.

Psychosis Is Not Illness, but a Survival Strategy in Severe Stress: A Proposal for an Addition to a Phenomenological Point of View

Phenomenology often looks at psychosis as a defined pathological state. In this paper, psychosis is not seen as a (pathological) state but as a way to respond in extreme stress. It is psychological functioning of the embodied and relational mind, and psychotic experience can be seen as one form of affective arousal among any other affects.

Resonances Between the Teaching of Sophists and the Critical Perspective of Allen Frances on the DSM-5

The following text is an enriched version of the presentation at the 10th EFTA European Conference in Naples, 13/9/2019, at a roundtable on “A Psychotherapeutic Reading of Ancient Greek Literature: Content, Context and Modern Reflections” organized by HESTAFTA.

“German Crimes Against Humanity, Three generations later, Victims on one side, Aggressors on the other”: Some Psychoanalytic Reflections Spurred on by the Massacre at Distomo

Very recently, on the last days of January, a large part of humanity paid tribute to the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, 75 years on. Almost three generations.

Transference and Systemic Approach in Psychotherapy: Comments motivated from the book “The Act of Transference” by Sotiris Manolopoulos

Motivated from the book “The Act of Transference” written by S. Manolopoulos, the use and application of transference from therapists working with systemic approach is questioned. Consideration and reflection upon therapeutic relationship and especially its application on individual systemic psychotherapy was a bit delayed.

“As Far as the Sea” by Marco Gastine. Loss: Hope or Acceptance?

This is a speech in the debate on "Loss: Hope or Acceptance?" organized on 12/1/2020, at the Greek Film Archive following the screening of French director’s Marco Gastine documentary film "AS FAR AS THE SEA" on the issue of the rehabilitation of seriously injured patients, hospitalized in KAT hospital. In the discussion participated as a speaker the psychotherapist of KAT Theodoros Angelopoulos.

Book Presentation: Nikos Roussos – Thodoris Droulias. “Symbols of the Self-life Images”, Aparsis editions

It is a very original book, which in short, is about “play therapy”. It combines theory with psychotherapeutic practice and, above all, with experiences - of children, of the elderly, of men, of women, of patients and therapists.