Introduction: “Mistaken Love” or Functional Dance?

When the "in relation to ..." in human relationships, ideas, as well as in the field of theoretical approaches, is not experienced as a functional interaction between the involved systems, but as a one-dimensional effect that looks like it was an interaction, then various forms of physical or psychic dysfunctions occur and the outcome does not justify the initial intentions. As the old saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

Toxic Forms of Love: Negative Consequences of Parental Care

This article examines a number of negative consequences on the evolving relationship of parent and child, while also approaching some theories on object-relations. In particular, Bion's Theory on projective identification and Container/Contained and Fairnbairn’s theory for the “Moral Defense Against Bad Objects" are presented. The basic concepts of the two theories are briefly described and clinical examples are presented.

Beyond Biology and the Linguistic Turn: Event, Singularity, Sense and the Work of Imagination*

Robert tells me he fears that his productivity will not be up to the standards of the business he works for. The job promotion he expected may not happen, and he even fears loosing his job. Robert describes the situation in a sober and somewhat guarded way but similar situations brought by members of different types of organizations come to my mind.

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The Persians: The Tragedy by Aeschylus and the Individual and Collective Therapeutic Extentions that Rise from it

The Persians is considered the 1st historical work in European literature, it was likely performed in a national celebration. Aeschylus was a warrior in the Battle of Salamis, therefore an eye witness.

Aeschylus “Persians”: A Psychotherapeutic Reading

The play was performed in 472 BC, about a decade after the two catastrophes of Athens by the Persians and the victories for the Greek naval battle of Salamis. Outside the Dionysus Theater there are still ruins and burned wood. They are visible to viewers in an open theatre - and even in a landscape that is still a landscape of war.

Systemic Thinking and Some Concerns about its Implementation

The reason for this article stems from a variety of concerns regarding the 30-year engagement of writers of the systemic thinking and practice, especially in connection with the social context or the narrative of individuals. Examples such as the ambiguous concept of the system (totality, established), unrecognized or gravitational narratives triggered the questions raised below.

BOOK PRESENTATION: Family Therapy Unit, Psychiatric Hospital of Athens:”Memories and Reflections”

Everything is born of an inflection (or deviation), namely an unexpected and unpredictable movement of matter (Lucretius 2nd century BC). If all of individual particles fell under their weight in a vacuum and instraight lines, like raindrops, nothing would have ever existed.

Memories and reflections of a Three plus Two year systemic psychotherapy education program and clinical supervision. Family Therapy Unit Attica’s Psychiatric Hospital

I feel deeply honored being invited to write here today about the book “Memories and Reflections - Stories of Systemic Psychotherapy at the Family Therapy Unit of Psychiatric Hospital of Attica”. I feel emotionally moved by this book, since in a way it includes a part of my own history, my own memories and reflections from the 5 years’ experience that I acquired as a trainee in this Unit.

Footprints of time-consuming educational moments

From the very first moment that I received the call-invitation from Mrs Thanopoulou, began a personal time travelling. I was invited as an old graduate of the Unit, so inevitably I realized that I have almost gone through 18 years, since I first met Ellanikou Street.