Introduction: the encounter with the strange

In life situations when individuals or groups feel threatened, vulnerable or fragile, high anxiety causes a feeling of alienation. The ability for symbolization and reflection wanes. Individuals and groups turn to instinctual reactions. The present issue of "Systemic Thinking & Psychotherapy" focuses on understanding the phenomena and crises we experience today in the social, family, and individual spheres.

Suicide in Greece of Crisis: A Theoretical Discussion

The present paper discusses the subject of suicide from a psychological, sociological, anthropological and existential viewpoint. According to the statistical data of the World Health Organization, approximately 800.000 people died of suicide in the year 2017, while the suicide number in Greece for the year 2013 is 533.

In a “whirlpool”: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of a client’s experience with panic attacks

Current research has explored connections between panic attacks, difficulties in emotional expression and familial characteristics. The aim of this qualitative case study was to provide insight into a client’s experience with recurrent panic attacks. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) was conducted on a semi-structured interview with a female client in long-term enriched systemic therapy.

From couples to the family of origin: Mobile Genogram for Couples (Genogramma Mobile per Coppie GMC ©). An exploratory and therapeutic method

The authors describe a technique for use in couple therapy. The Mobile Genogram for Couples (GMC) started as an idea of a tool in addition to the clinical experience acquired in the field of treating couples by Maurizio Coletti, one of the authors of this article. The GMC © is inspired by the classic genogram and aims at a deep understanding of how families of origin influence the dynamics of the relationship of the couple.

A Child’s Welcome to Society «Our Big Home»

The young child from the first day of his life needs to prepare along with his parents for his introduction to society. Early socialization and safe transition from the family setting to a peer environment protects the child from a traumatic separation, acting as a form of early prevention.

Book presentation: The faces of the stranger of Sotiris Manolopoulos

Few times in my life I have been stressed so much and I have found myself so embarrassed thinking that I must stand before a group of experts and talk about a subject that is not my specialty, even if I have undergone -or been subjected to?- the familiar processes for years. I was encouraged by Gregory Abatzoglou's introductory note, where the author of “The faces of the stranger” appears, on the eve of a public speech of his, not to "know what to say” - and that on a subject he knew very well.

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Book presentation: The Return of Man of Elissavet Barbaliou

The extremely interesting essay by Elissavet Barbaliou, legible even by those least familiar with the science of psychology, comes to address a big gap in gender studies in our country as well as internationally. Vividly written and admirably succinct, it guides us, from the distant past to the intangible digital networking of our time, into the contradictory nature of the “submissive-rebellious Greek man”, as she puts it.