In the course of family therapy sessions we often hear stories around birth. Through the narration of the circumstances, expectations and desires surrounding the creation of the new existence, we try, along with the family, to better understand the present interactions and relationships. Every birth story begins before the event itself, since it is initially present in the mind and imagination of those involved in the new creation.

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Demeter and Persephone: Mother – Daughter Conjoint Family Psychotherapy

Mother-daughter family therapy during conjoint sessions is of a special interest, since it provides a chance for various issues regarding differentiation between the two of them to be explored, especially if the father is absent. The common psychotherapeutic sessions enable the creation of the necessary psychic space between them, in order each of them to be able to recognize the separate existence of the other.

Do not feed the bees

Some events are located in plots that already consist of sequences of scenes: in other words there is a process with a beginning and an outcome. It may be supposed that an organization which allows many diverse and complex units of meaning (stories) to constantly change, is strong enough, and resistant to a total breakdown.

Identity and loss in immigrant adolescents: Conflict, Re-engagement and Reconciliation

This presentation is focusing on immigrant adolescents’ behavior at school, which had as main symptom “learning difficulties” and school failure. The adolescents, 13-16 years old, in 2nd Cross-Culture High School of Elliniko, Attica, were referrals to the School Psychologist’s Office. The cause for the referral was “learning difficulties”. The purpose of the study was to help the children themselves, the teachers and, of course, the parents of these children to revaluate their beliefs and understanding of these adolescents’ school difficulties and help them find better ways to deal with it.

A murder, a funeral and an unresolved traumatic grief

Murder within the family, as when the father kills the mother in front of their children, is an extremely traumatic and shocking experience with devastating effects on the children. The presentation of a clinical case will highlight some of the emerging issues.

Book review

The new introductory psychology textbook published in 2009 in the USA by Harvard professors D.L. Schacter, D.T. Gilbert and  D.M.Wegner under the title Psychology, has been translated and published in Greek under the general scientific editorship of professor Stella Vosniadou along with sixteen University professors who edited chapters relating to their expertise.